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Dr. Peter Wessmann

Peter Wessmann is Associate Director at INVERTO. He has many years of international experience, both in managerial positions in industry and in consultancy. After graduating with a degree in Business Studies, he worked as a partner at an international consultancy firm, where he was responsible for strategic procurement management, before joining INVERTO.


He mainly advises companies in the energy industry, capital goods sector and financial sector on all kinds of procurement-related issues throughout the supply chain. As an expert in the restructuring of procurement organisations, he has many years’ experience in strategy and in organisational development, and knows exactly what is required for a successful procurement transformation.

Competence Center

Peter Wessmann is the head of the INVERTO Training Center, which runs procurement seminars and training sessions for staff development in the field of procurement.

Recent publications can be found here:

Customer extracts & reference reports

Find out about some of the customers and projects Peter Wessmann has managed:

Personal life and commitment

Peter Wessmann is a big supporter of collaboration between academia and the world of business. He regularly lectures at universities such as the WHU Business School, and organises practical workshops with the students.


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