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INVERTO Success Stories


Stefan Süßenguth, Principal

My greatest success at INVERTO was independently and successfully implementing a client project as a senior consultant and my resulting promotion to project manager. The confidence I have gained is evident in both my staff and project management, as well as my own development. Overcoming this challenge is what drives me on.




Maximilan Guggolz, Senior Consultant

Within the course of a project you frequently have little achievements – especially if you create an added-value together with the client.

One of my biggest successes so far was that I found a way to reduce the current prices of a supplier by 30%. Both, client and supplier, were very satisfied with the outcome and that they can keep on working together in the future.






Celia Rocneanu, Senior Consultant

At my start as a consultant I received insights into the project life as part of my first project in Bad Waldsee. Different trainings gave me the necessary fundamentals for the project and through the continuous team work with experienced colleagues, I was able to put into practice what I have learned.

This professional and personal development resulted in my promotion as Senior Consultant after only one year. In a short time I was able to develop my consulting skills and could also to place it at the customer. This is my biggest success so far.




Lukas Dörrig

Despite my position as an intern, I was afforded a lot of trust and responsibility. I felt like the more tasks I completed and the more experience I gained in dealing with the client, the more responsibility I was given.

I was always given relatively open tasks, meaning that it was up to me how well and with how much effort each task was completed. This enabled me to use my strengths to produce a good result. If I had any questions, I was able to rely on the support of my colleagues and superiors. This made me feel secure, so I could concentrate on the essentials and demonstrate my talent.


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