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Achieving and celebrating success together


What really makes a company? Its people, of course. This is true for every business, but more so in a consultancy company, where performance relies heavily on skills and personalities. We are delighted to give you a peek behind the scenes at INVERTO and show you what makes us who we are.

What comes to mind when you hear the term “Consultant”? A well-dressed young man in an expensive suit, traveling the major cities of the world with his suitcase on wheels, throwing buzzwords around, and getting ahead whatever the cost? Well, now you can find out whether our Consultants fit the cliché and what makes them different from the rest.

INVERTO Consultants certainly do have a sense of style, but they’re not all limited to men. In fact, a third are women, and that number is steadily increasing. Most of our colleagues are indeed young and between ages 25 to 35 on average. As for the suitcase on wheels, our consultancy teams are always on the move, usually working on site alongside our clients.

But that’s where the cliché ends. Let’s take a closer look and scratch beneath the surface. INVERTO isn’t the kind of company where you have to elbow your way through. All our colleagues, not just Consultants, are dedicated team players, and would never leave their clients or team in the lurch. As part of our employer branding campaign, we organized in-house workshops, focusing specifically on what is embedded in our DNA. We like to share our knowledge with our teams, and we foster an open feedback culture. Our employees also put in 100 % of their free time, mostly by playing sports. Additionally, our trust for each other is demonstrated time and again at our regular team events.

I've learned an incredible amount, and still am learning. I've been given more and more responsibility as time goes on. The trust placed in us even as younger colleagues is really motivating.

Theory meets practice

Ask our Consultants what they love most about their job and they’ll tell you: the strategy, hands-on approach, and learning curve. “We don’t just design procurement, we implement it too, ”  explains Joachim Winther, Consultant at INVERTO in Copenhagen. First, a project team develops a strategy for a company, and then implements it together with the clients procurement or supply chain managers: that’s the INVERTO way. “I’m always heartened when we go from being perceived by the client as ‘just Consultants’ to being treated as colleagues after just a few weeks, and ultimately achieving results together,” says Senior Project Manager Patrick Lepperhoff. The model for implementing our own strategy offers learning and development opportunities for the Consultants themselves. “The array of projects, with their very different points of contact and challenges, always calls for us to step out of our comfort zone.

But this is exactly what drives continuous personal development, creating an extremely steep learning curve,” believes Marcel Weber. Celia Padziorny adds: “I’ve learned an incredible amount, and still am learning. I’ve been given more and more responsibility as time goes on. The trust placed in us even as younger colleagues is really motivating.” Both Marcel and Celia joined INVERTO as Consultants, and now, as Senior Project Managers, they are responsible for major, demanding client projects. Moving up from Consultant to Principal follows a structured career path that can be completed within six to eight years. And Celia and Marcel are typical representatives of their industry.

Procurement is transforming

Management consultancies have developed rapidly in recent years. We identified the potential benefits of digitization early on and integrated them into projects. Remote working and a paperless working environment have been well-established practices for a few years now. But what’s more important is how digitization creates extensive transparency and thus, in-depth knowledge for developing strategies. That helps us find the best possible solutions for our clients.

From a clients perspective, procurement has consequently become more professionalized in companies across all industries, and is now far more strategic and efficient than ten years ago. “The opportunity to develop new products and implement innovative project approaches makes a Consultant a driving force in this process,” says Principal Stefan Süssenguth. This is where transferring experience from one industry to another comes in handy, even if you might think they have nothing in common, Patrick also notes. “A large abattoir and a large bakery have similar processes and face similar challenges to a typical mechanical engineering company. This means we turn our attention to the underlying structures.”

BCG has taught us to look beyond the horizon and understand executive management thinking. We previously focused almost exclusively on procurement. But now, we understand procurement and SCM as part of a bigger picture.


INVERTO has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) since 2017. The chemistry between INVERTO and our global parent company was palpable from the outset; hardly surprising, as BCG attaches great value to interpersonal relationships and team spirit. “INVERTO not only has a family feel to it, but an entrepreneurial environment to go with it,” summarizes Tony Yu, INVERTO Managing Director for China.

“BCG has taught us to look beyond the horizon and understand executive management thinking. We previously focused almost exclusively on procurement. But now, we understand procurement and SCM as part of a bigger picture,” says Principal Pieter Niehues, describing the change that the acquisition has brought. In fact, both parent company and subsidiary enjoy collaborating on larger projects, and it is precisely the combination of an overarching corporate strategy and a focus on procurement and SCM that clients value most.

BCG not only brought larger projects and a broader global perspective with it, but also significantly boosted INVERTO: from a team of 130 at the end of 2016 to around 260 today. We have also opened new offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and – just this year – Amsterdam, with more international locations in the pipeline. “In my auditing days, I have seen and got to know a lot of companies, but I’ve never experienced one so dynamic as this,” declares Pierre Gensert, Head of Accounting, Tax & Treasury.

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Celebrating and sticking together

INVERTO is a feeling

There’s a local saying in Cologne: “Kölle is een Jeföhl”, meaning that the city has a special feeling about it – a combination of warmth, unashamed directness, and optimism that makes true residents stand out, whether they were born in the city or moved there later. Just like its hometown, INVERTO conveys a very specific feeling with which the team, also at the other locations, can identify.

Carnival is to Cologne what the quarterly celebrations to which the whole company comes together, are to INVERTO. “The open culture, team spirit, and easy-going yet lively atmosphere will put a smile on the face of even the biggest party poopers,” says Stefan Süssenguth.

The Annual Conference is a major talking point every year. At the end of September, staff take a trip together for a long weekend. Where that might be is usually a closely guarded secret until just before the event. In fact, more than 20 years after this tradition started, none of the organizers have ever been known to spill the beans. Destinations in previous years have included Antwerp, Lisbon, and Marrakesh.

But wherever it might be, what matters most is the time spent together. After all, you can’t help but feel a special bond when you’re all trying to keep the speed up on your dragon boat in the pouring rain without drifting off course, or trying to score as many goals as possible in bumper soccer to knock your opponent off the field.

“The amount of time we spend together in the office or on client premises is extraordinary. We also celebrate together, have loads of fun, and enjoy spending our free time with our colleagues,” says Celia Padziorny.

Soccer, skiing and rock ‘n’ roll

INVERTO also offers opportunities to try out leisure activities together. We have had a Cologne-based soccer team for years, which competes in the Consulting Cup – the highlight of the year that sees teams from management consultancy companies compete against each other. The ski weekend organized by our colleagues in Munich has also been popular for years, with colleagues usually heading to Austria in January. The band is a more recent addition, founded only last year. It put on a brilliant performance at the 2019 summer party and is looking forward to doing it again at the very next opportunity.

Whether it’s sports, music, or a celebration, everyone can join in, get involved, and have fun, whatever their position at INVERTO, and however old they are, from interns to Managing Directors. Senior Consultant Pascal Kirchberg sums it up: “You may well find yourself kicking your boss in the shins in a Friday soccer game – but they’ll probably kick right back!”

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INVERTO takes responsibility

Jetting around the world without a thought for the environment is a misconception that our Consultants have to debunk time and time again. INVERTO takes a different approach, as do all other units of the Boston Consulting Group. Traveling is an inherent part of doing business, but when it comes to traveling within a single country, INVERTO employees usually take the train. When we do have to fly, we offset our carbon emissions. We had already increased our use of video conferencing for internal meetings over the two or three years before the coronavirus hit. Technology is really proving its worth and will certainly play an even greater role in the future.

Taking responsibility also means supporting those who are not as privileged. In addition to helping out smaller initiatives, we have two significant and long-term commitments. Around 60 employees sponsor a child from an SOS Children’s Village, with the company bearing the donation cost. We also use the annual Cologne Bridge Run as the company’s charity race. For every employee who takes part, the company donates to a charity of their choice. “Last year, we raised €10,000,” reports Event Manager Evelyn Zitzke. The funds were donated to bone cancer charity DKMS and Plant for the Planet, among others.

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From moose and alpacas to impromtu karaoke – INVERTO business travel is never boring

Ask anyone on our Consultant team and you’ll find they love to talk about their extraordinary experiences on projects. Senior Consultant Andreas Mellinghoff recalls a project in rural Sweden. “On the first evening, we went into the forest to look for a moose. But unfortunately, neither our mating calls nor the YouTube videos we played over the loudspeakers in the car worked.” That’s not the only INVERTO trip that got a bit wild, it seems. “After spending the evening at a team celebration in a bar in Mexico City, we decided it was time for a change of music. Five minutes later, we had everyone staring at us as we sang a German pop song at the top of our lungs,” says Principal David Ring.

But sometimes its the client that takes the lead on the fun “One supplier owned a fleet of army tanks, and let us drive them around on a test track,” smiles Principal Sebastian Wellmann. Project Manager Tobias Kosmol recalls: “On one project, we worked on a procurement initiative for mining machinery. To see those huge machines in action 750 meters underground was unforgettable!”

One particular highlight of traveling for work is the chance to discover other cultures. “I loved being able to travel and meet suppliers in faraway lands, from the China-Vietnam border to the back streets of Kolkata,” declares Principal Jens Kiebler. Marcel Weber is equally enthusiastic: “The most exciting moment during my time at INVERTO to date was the five months I spent in Malaysia as an interim procurement manager.”

But you don’t have to travel too far to be amazed. One team encountered some alpacas on a project, as the company owner ran a farm with these mini-llamas alongside his main business in south-west Germany.

India, Mexico, or south-west Germany are great, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing like being back in the INVERTO office. “There’s a special INVERTO feeling here. You can really sense it every day; everyone wants to help drive the company forward and make a difference to our clients,” says Pierre Gensert. Pieter Niehues concludes: “Despite how much we have grown, the INVERTO culture has remained at the core of what we do. The Cologne way of life has strongly influenced this, and as I’m born and raised in the city myself, I’m not complaining!”

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Staffing Manager, Knowledge Manager, Project Controller
never heard of it

What exactly do they do?

Consultants are naturally at the heart of what we do at INVERTO and deliver the services our clients need. We also have corporate functions, which take care of the admin and internal procedures, so our Consultants can concentrate on adding value to clients.

Putting skilled teams together

For a project team to deliver the best possible performance for clients, you need to have the right people on board. Lilian Graatz has been the Staffing Manager at INVERTO for around two years and she is one of the people who make that happen. She continually keeps track of team capacities and ongoing projects, so they don’t suddenly find themselves short of colleagues in a particular location, and so everyone knows by Friday where they need to be on the following Monday. “The first thing to look at is an employee’s availability and their specialist skills, as well as when a project is due to start and how long it will last,” explains Lilian. But that’s not all, of course. Ultimately, it’s not about simply filling empty spots, but putting a team together of the colleagues most suitable for the job. That boils down to three aspects: the client’s industry, the problems to be solved, and the company’s location. Teams are always put together with their members’ consent. “We don’t force anyone into
a project that they don’t want to be involved in,” Lilian stresses. She also looks for certain skills when forming new teams. “When we take on a project in Spain, at least some of the team should speak Spanish,“ says the Staffing Manager. What’s more important, is that everyone should have fair career opportunities and be able to develop in line with their skills and interests. To make sure this happens, the Staffing Committee meets every week. Lilian continues: “This approach ensures our decisions take all the different perspectives into account.“

Learning from projects

To help young Consultants and new projects get off to a good start, INVERTO has established a sophisticated knowledge management system. This brings together the results and findings from all our projects, so they can be leveraged for subsequent tasks. ”We make sure the requisite expertise is available to help implement projects successfully,“ is how Knowledge Manager Benedikt Röder describes his job. The team not only gains insights from its own projects, but can also incorporate resources such as commodity indices, for example.

This extensive database contains the latest prices for all product groups and much more that professional buyers can procure worldwide. Consultants can therefore quickly identify any potential savings in different product groups for their projects. Benedikt continues: ”Our goal is to ensure that project teams don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. That’s why we manage the knowledge development process.“

Realistic planning

Stephan Richter acts as the interface between project
teams and Corporate Controlling. The Project Controlling Specialist coordinates the whole process: from signing the initial agreement to completing a project. “All the planning and forecasting aims to produce realistic values that are neither too finely calculated nor too cautious,” he explains. But that only works if there is excellent communication all round. “I find it’s important to be as close as possible to what’s happening, so that I get the right feeling for the data evaluation.”

Making sense of the chaos

So that INVERTO’s seven – or make that eight – locations don’t get tangled up, Office and Executive Assistants make sure everything runs smoothly, from scheduling appointments and coordinating travel plans, to keeping the coffee topped up. “The biggest challenge is stretching around 10 hours availability every day for calls, meetings, video conferences, and so on into 20 hours,” says Executive Assistant Silvia Kandemir. Silvia is also responsible for ensuring our Managing Directors get to where they want to go on time. She knows practically everything there is to know about where to catch a flight, where to change trains, and where you can rent a car throughout Europe. “And I keep a handy crystal ball on my desk for the weather, traffic jams, or strikes.”

If the office supplies cupboard is bare, the dishwasher is full, or the coffee machine is broken, Aikaterini “Katy” Wels knows just what to do. She and her four colleagues spend most of the time at INVERTO’s German-speaking locations making sure that those kinds of problems don’t happen in the first place. Katy and her colleagues look after not only the INVERTO team, but visitors too. They usually manage to make even the most nervous interviewees quickly feel at ease. “Of course, we keep an eye on everything, ensuring things are always clean and tidy. And sometimes we’re amazed at what our colleagues
leave behind in the office,” smiles Katy.

Always make a good impression

With 20 years of experience in procurement and supply chain management, INVERTO has profound insights into countless industries and global commodity flows. Showcasing this expertise to the outside world is a job for the Marketing department. Besides Public Relations and this magazine, the website plays a vital role as INVERTO’s window to the world. “I’m responsible for search engine advertising and website SEO,” says Markus Zenz, describing his work as an Online Marketing Coordinator. Marcus knows what web users search for and how to attract visitors to the INVERTO website.

Drawing on KPIs, he makes recommendations on which keywords are important and presents existing publications so we can reach as many people as possible. “Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge, regular studies, and rather short decision-making processes, we can always provide new and relevant information.” There is nothing more important than getting a high ranking on search engines. The search engine expert is convinced of one thing: “If we manage to keep redesigning the website in line with our goals, we will have an excellent chance of presenting ourselves to the outside world as we are – very INVERTO!”

Twenty years of INVERTO... Where were you 2000?

One summer, 20 years ago, Markus Bergauer, Kiran Mazumdar, and Frank Wierlemann got together and founded INVERTO. But back then, a large proportion of the current employees had only just started to cut their teeth. Some were even still in school. We asked our colleagues what they were doing around the time INVERTO was founded.

A friend and I founded a company in 2000 and dabbled in playing the stock market during the dot-com bubble. Halûk Sagol, Associate Director
Back then, I was in the second semester of my mechanical engineering course at Ruhr University Bochum, and I spent that summer studying hard for big exams. Dr. Gökhan Yüzgülec, Principal
I was in Hamburg; I'd reached the end of my undergraduate studies, and couldn't wait to celebrate. My third apartment was also a reason for celebration as it was the first time I didn’t have to share with others. It had to be refurbished rather than simply renovated before I could move in, and that took up my summer semester break. Thibault Pucken, Managing Director
Twenty years ago, I was in the first grade and cramming like crazy for my first dictation test, which I still know by heart! Markus Zenz, Online Marketing Coordinator
I was studying at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management and I interned with Mercedes Benz in Hong Kong that year. Daniel Weise, Managing Director und Partner bei BCG
In 2000, I started high school in Berlin. It was a classical grammar school, with a long-standing tradition. And I was really enthusiastic about learning Latin. Later on, I started learning ancient Greek. Katharina Erfort, Project Manager
In early July 2000, I had my last oral exam at college. Besides having to brush up on the Hanseatic League and early modern economic development, I was trying to wrangle our then eighteen-month-old daughter. It was hard to get daycare for children that young back then. My husband was working in the office, and grandparents lived far away. But luckily, I managed to do reasonably well and pass the exam in the end! Ina Ullrich, Press Relations Specialist
I set up BCG's office in Berlin at that time, in a backstreet with 15 people working there. In the five years I was in charge, we established our unique and robust culture. Maybe that’s why I was fascinated from the very beginning by what makes INVERTO so special: building a strong team, with strong values, meeting high quality standards, and adopting a long-term perspective and family feeling. Martina Rißmann, Senior Partner und Managing Director bei BCG
Twenty years ago, I was just about to turn five, and I started kindergarten. I probably told my parents exactly what gifts I wanted and who I wanted to invite to my party. All I was interested in doing was playing outside and with my dolls. Tamara Riedl, Consultant
I met my best friend in elementary school back then. Caroline Niederhagemann, Consultant
In 2000, I went on vacation alone for the first time, to a tennis camp in Florida. Getting there took a lot of blood and sweat, but I earned it working during a scorching summer at a flower wholesaler. I spent a lot of my time carrying heavy bags of soil to cars for old ladies. On top of that, 2000 is especially memorable for me because it was when I met my first love, and we went on vacation together to the south of France. David Ring, Principal
Twenty years ago, I was riding pillion on motorbikes before I got my license two years later. I was working in Düsseldorf at the time, and I remember going on vacation to Fuerteventura. Silvia Kandemir, Executive Assistant
In 2000, I hung out with my girlfriends, practicing songs from the Spice Girls and German girl group Tic Tac Toe, hoping we'd get our big break. But soon we all realized that we weren't destined for a career as popstars. Wiebke Oprée, PMO Manager
Back then, I was torn between a career as a punk rocker or jazz drummer. Or I would just ride up one of the vineyards around my hometown like I was racing in the Tour de France. Elias Oberkirch, Senior Consultant
When I was ten years old, I wanted to be a captain in the coast guard. Procurement, processes or SCM was definitely not on the agenda. Patrick Lepperhoff, Senior Project Manager

The world of procurement is changing radically, so we need to support our clients on this journey.

From a proud history to a successful future

We’ve seen a great deal of success in the past 20 years. We owe much of our success over the past 20 years to our clients and staff, and this will drive us to keep growing in the decades to come.

„We want to become the undisputed leader“

The entire history of our company can be expressed in just seven letters, which are displayed proudly in the entrance area, in vivid blue on light wood: INVERTO. In just 20 years,a Latin word has turned into a renowned and respected brand. One that connects clients and staff with what makes us who we are today: strategic thinking combined with effective implementation. We deliver results.

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„A perfect fit“

In 2017, BCG acquired INVERTO, which came as a surprise to many in the consultancy industry. BCG’s Martina Rissmann, Managing Director and Senior Partner, and Daniel Weise, Managing Director and Partner, look back at getting to know INVERTO and how far both companies have come since then.

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The INVERTO feeling is forever

Working in management consulting is a lot like having a boyfriend or girlfriend – a close relationship, but not one that is certain to last. So, what opportunities are out there after a career with INVERTO? We spoke to some INVERTO alumni who worked for the company at different stages to hear their thoughts.

Looking back on your time at INVERTO, what comes to your mind? What are your best memories from your time at INVERTO? How do you see INVERTO developing over the years to come? Our Alumni
Jan Hallen:

When I first started at INVERTO, there were around 50 people working there. The projects were challenging and hard work, but the team spirit was great, I really learned a lot.

Linda Hülsbusch:

I second that. In retrospect, my time at INVERTO was like a rollercoaster ride. The only difference was that I finished the ride with a much higher level of personal development than when I started.

Dawid Melzer:

Even after 15 years, I can safely say that it’s the best training in procurement you can get. The mechanisms and mentalities there really leave a positive impression that will stay with you forever. As it happens, my current deputy is also an INVERTO alumnus,
and we understand each other perfectly, this may be due to the same “training“.

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Daniel Seiler:

I’m impressed how far the company has come from a small start-up with an office above a gas station. One major factor, I think, was the team spirit and the ‘we’re all in this together’ feeling that I experienced on every project. Many of my colleagues also
became good friends.

Caroline Päffgen:

Yes, we all knew each other so well that we could tell who someone was without looking, just by the way they stomped up and down the stairs.

Alexander Bartels:

I also remember the time away from the daily working routine, especially team events and annual conferences.

Dawid Melzer:

It was always like a big family reunion. The fifth anniversary event in Mallorca was actually my leaving party too.

Daniel Seiler:

We have worked hard, but also played hard. ………………………………………………………………………………

Jan Hallen:

I also remember when a customer project partner and an INVERTO Principal sang the German rock song ‘Westerland’ together in a karaoke bar in Hamburg. They were much better than all the bachelor parties there.

David Leinders:

My musical, but also personal highlight was the surprise appearance of the INVERTO band at the summer party 2019, to which I returned as a drummer. I think INVERTO has succeeded in keeping that spirit going. There was a clear sense of belonging.

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Linda Hülsbusch:

I left INVERTO just as the company started expanding into the Nordic countries. It’s good to see that the expansion has been so successful, and I think this trend will continue, with more locations in other countries.

Alexander Bartels:

As well as expanding into new markets, I think the range of services will become bro der too. INVERTO will continue to be driven by implementation, but the company will also work more and more on strategic company-wide, not least through BCG.

Daniel Seiler:

Last but not least, I see INVERTO as a reliable partner to tackle the challenges of the future such as digitization, adaptive production, and robust supply chains – from conception right through to implementation.

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Alexander Bartels:

started at INVERTO in 2004, right after graduating from college. Fifteen years later, having progressed from Consultant to Senior Project Manager, he now works as a Senior Global Procurement Manager for a medium-sized chemical company.

Daniel Seiler:

was the first person to start working at INVERTO after the founders, initially as a Consultant before progressing to Knowledge Manager. He is now responsible for strategic development projects in procurement at one of the largest biotech companies in Germany.

David Leinders:

worked at INVERTO from 2016 to 2018 and is now in charge of transformation and digitization projects for a well-known
home improvement chain. As an active member of the INVERTO music band, he is still in touch with his former colleagues.

Linda Hülsbusch:

worked as a Project Manager at INVERTO until 2018, and is a Category Lead Buyer responsible for procuring all marketing services in the DACH region for a multi-national food and beverage group.

Caroline Päffgen:

started as an intern at INVERTO, before moving into a Consultant position in 2014. She is now a Director at a sports streaming company that uses automated camera technology in Cologne.

Dawid Melzer:

joined INVERTO in the early days, and moved to one of his favorite customers, Demag Cranes, in 2005. He is now a Procurement Manager at a leading vacuum pump manufacturer.

Jan Hallen:

worked at INVERTO from 2006 to 2017, most recently as a Principal. After leaving INVERTO, he set up a new strategic procurement management department for a leading European home improvement company.

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One big family

INVERTO has always had its roots firmly anchored in Cologne. Not only is our headquarters based here, but the Cologne way of life has forged our sense of togetherness, embedded deeply in our DNA. That family atmosphere has now spread to eight international offices. Although we are one big family, each location has a different character and traditions specific to that country.

  • Cologne office
  • Shanghai
  • London
  • Munich
  • Vienna
  • Copenhagen
  • Stockholm
  • Amsterdam

Cologne office

– industrial feel in the heart of trendy Ehrenfeld
Year opened: 2000 / No. of staff: 152

The INVERTO HQ has grown over the years. Our largest office, home to most of our corporate functions, has doubled in size and now occupies three floors. As well as the team offices, there’s plenty of open space that invites exchange. This is also where we installed our first beer fridge, where the team meets up after work on Fridays to start the weekend together.

Our favorite spots for team events:

  • NENI for team dinners
  • Bumann & SOHN for drinks
  • Goldener Schuss for a nightcap


– in the heart of Lujiazui, the Manhattan of Asia
Year opened: 2006 / No. of staff: 12

Our team in China is the ace up our sleeve. INVERTO colleagues in Shanghai are key partners for practically all our customer projects. Their expertise is invaluable when it comes to sourcing in Asia. They understand how the procurement markets work for a wide range of industries and needs, within China and across the Chinese borders.

Our favorite spots for team events:

  • Oriental Pearl Tower for the great views
  • The Bund for dinner and drinks
  • Grand Hyatt Shanghai for those extra-special moments


– based with BCG colleagues at Manchester Square and Canary Wharf
Year opened: 2008 / No. of staff: 19

There’s a real entrepreneurial feeling at our London office, where team spirit and close relationships are a priority. The London team also has a particularly international flavor and is the most diverse of our offices, bringing together different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Our favorite spots for team events:

  • Go Karting at Team Sport UK
  • Iberico tapas restaurant
  • Zoom for cooking together on Friday evenings during the coronavirus crisis


– an elegant traditional building just a stone’s throw from the Englischer Garten
Year opened: 2011 / No. of staff: 40

With a large part of the DAX companies located in the city and some of our top customers right on their doorstep, our Munich team is happy to welcome colleagues from other locations. Their regional events are renowned – both the annual visit to the Oktoberfest and the traditional ski weekend in the nearby mountains.

Our favorite spots for team events:

  • The beer garden at the Chinesischer Turm for lunchtimes
  • Schumann’s Bar at the Hofgarten after work
  • Goldene Bar / P1 nightclub for team evenings


–terrific views from the DC Tower, the city’s tallest building
Year opened: 2012 / No. of staff: 13

The working atmosphere in the Vienna office is very relaxed as the team advises the Austrian market, with market leaders and hidden champions among its customers. Team spirit comes to the fore during Friday lunchtimes, often with a summer holiday feeling at the Copa Cagrana, the sandy beach right on the bank of the Danube river.

Our favorite spots for team events:

  • Sky Bar on the 56th floor of the DC Tower
  • Sailing along the Old Danube river
  • Prater amusement park


– with a view of Rosenborg Castle and the King’s Gardens
Year opened: 2018 / No. of staff: 14

The growing team here, comprising mostly Danes but with a few colleagues of other nationalities, is quintessentially Nordic. Most of our colleagues in Copenhagen get around by bike, and the meeting room here is called Tuborg – the same name as the beer in the fridge there. The team works on international projects for customers in all four Nordic countries.

Our favorite spots for team events:

  • Boule Bar for a round of petanque
  • Torvehallerne food market to tantalize our taste buds
  • KöD restaurant for dinner


– true Scandinavian style, around the corner from the Humlegården
Year opened: 2019 / No. of staff: 10

Our Stockholm office may be just a year old, but the team is actively engaged in the business, not to mention keen on establishing new INVERTO traditions. Fridays are undoubtedly the week’s highlight when the team starts the day in the office with breakfast together, sharing freshly baked bread and stories from the past week.

Our favorite spots for team events:

  • Racing Volvos on the Sundsta Säteri track
  • Skansen open-air museum
  • Cooking classes at AVEQIA restaurant


– aiming to create the perfect office amid canals, bridges, and cobbled streets
Year opened: 2020

As the newest addition to the INVERTO family, our Amsterdam office has only just begun. The first customer projects are already underway, as is the search for a team to develop the location and start new traditions here.

We’ve already heard of one favorite spot for team events:

  • Persijn Dutch Eatery restaurant

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  • Cologne
  • Copenhagen
  • London
  • Munich
  • Shanghai
  • Stockholm
  • Vienna

We deliver results.