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Working Capital Optimierung; Beispiel eines Datenblatts

Working Capital Optimization Through Comprehensive Analysis

Proven measures to increase your liquidity

Benefit from our comprehensive project expertise to increase your liquidity for the long term and simplify your payment behaviour in terms of both suppliers and customers. We significantly optimize your working capital for the long term.

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How do we do it?

Analysis of the current situation

When we analyse your current situation, we evaluate your current payment behaviour and show you existing potential that can significantly reduce your working capital. Introducing a policy defines your company’s objectives, standard terms and exceptions.

Developing measures to increase liquidity

Based on proven standard practices, we carry out individual measures for each supplier, customer and product group, using the results of our analysis and your new policies and taking into account all existing levers for optimizing working capital and increasing liquidity. We also provide supporting documents, such as implementation models and negotiation support for common reactions.

We manage your supplier and customer communications, including professional negotiation preparation and final result tracking. Alternatively, we can carry out the complete process for you in order to optimize your working capital.

Our services also include continuous monitoring and reporting, as well as ad-hoc support and escalation management, if needed.


The results of Working Capital Optimization:

  • Strengthened internal financing by releasing tied-up capital.


To get more information about the working capital optimization you can download our focus paper here:

Download SCM focus paper


You would like further information regarding working capital optimization?

Patrick Lepperhoff  is at your disposal for any questions concerning working capital optimization.

You are in need of support in the field of inventory optimization?

We achieve the sustainable reduction of your inventory and release tied-up capital through a 4-step approach:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Analysis of weak points
  • Defining a strategy
  • Realization

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Overall performance appraisal: We know what is important in a high-performance supply chain and how to measure it with the right key performance indicators (KPI), whether for industry or trade.

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