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Logistics optimisation consulting INVERTO

Logistics consulting

Comprehensive expertise to reduce logistics costs.

Constant changes in the transport sector, the use of ever more evolved IT solutions and not least the strong competition in the market offer continuous opportunities to increase profits. We fully analyse your logistics network and identify existing potential for improvement with our logistics consulting approach.

In a number of logistics consulting projects, we have worked with our clients to make significant savings in road freight, sea freight, air freight and courier, express and parcel services. As an implementation-oriented consultancy, we unlock the potential we identify for you and lower your logistics costs in the long term, increasing your profits, whether in industry or in trade.

How do we do it?

Optimise your logistics network

The first step within the logistics consulting is a comprehensive overview of the current situation within the existing logistics network. We achieve transparency in terms of current relation and transmission structures, as well as the requirements of internal and external clients. Based on the findings of this analysis, we work with you to identify synergies and answer the following questions, among others:

– Does your current network strategy have potential for optimisation?
– Can the competitiveness of your current network partners be developed?
– Do your procurement processes and methods have potential for optimisation?
– Can the flexibility of your current warehouses be increased?
– Can services be outsourced to third or fourth-party logistics providers?
– Is your current network strategy sufficiently supported by IT solutions?

Reduce your transport costs

Driven by external factors such as energy, fuel and staff costs, it is crucial to test your logistics issues regularly with continuous monitoring of the market. This is the only way to achieve continuous improvements.

We draw on our wide-ranging technical expertise to support you with in-depth screenings of your current conditions, demonstrating concrete savings potential. We also help you with the operational implementation of wide-ranging market demand, as well as the subsequent implementation of the results.


Both approaches follow a systematic approach with 4 steps:



We complete comprehensive benchmarks according to existing regulations and conditions and determine realistic objectives to optimise your logistics network and reduce your transport costs.


In the conceptualisation phase, we carry out the structured recording of all relevant parameters in the logistics system (relations, costs, etc.). This allows us to create considerable transparency and draft appropriate solutions.


We work with you to check your requirements and specifications and identify possible suitable strategies and concepts (e.g. intermodal transport, cross docking). Together, we identify a number of potential service providers and carry out wide-ranging concept competitions.


The joint implementation of the future concept is always carried out with the strong involvement of new or existing service providers. In addition, we employ follow-up measures such as staff training and process manuals to ensure improvements for the long term.


The results of our logistics consulting:

  • Reduced costs and improved performance for your logistics systems.


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