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China Sourcing Consulting INVERTO

China Sourcing Consulting

Sourcing from China for effective cost savings.

Sourcing in China has great potential for efficient procurement. China is increasingly becoming a leading sourcing country due to its quality and supplier reliability, making it an important sourcing country for reducing procurement costs.

Advanced infrastructure and reduced costs

In our China sourcing study, where we surveyed decision-makers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland about their China Sourcing, three quarters of the companies reported achieving savings of more than 15 per cent by sourcing from China. In addition to reduced costs, its well-developed infrastructure in comparison to other Asian countries makes China sourcing a good option. China has also shown strong development in the use of intelligent production technologies and achieves high quality for complex products. China Sourcing therefore gives a whole new dimension to industrial companies.

For inexperienced companies, the decision to source from China is a complex task. Asked what risks hold them back from taking advantage of China sourcing for their procurement, the most common responses from the surveyed companies were quality risks, concerns about logistical delays and SCM risks.

Our China sourcing expertise removes the barriers to market entry

Thanks to our many years of experience in sourcing from China, we know the Chinese standards, as well as the legal and political differences compared to European procurement markets. We can help you to build your optimum China sourcing strategy.

How do we do it?

Professional analysis to create the optimal China sourcing strategy

As a consultancy, we first analyse your procurement goods in terms of their suitability for China sourcing. Then, we work alongside you to develop the right procurement strategy and show you tangible potential to optimise your procurement by sourcing from China. This process involves considering and developing your existing procurement organisation and processes in order to integrate China sourcing seamlessly.

China sourcing partnership

At the implementation stage, we determine all of the relevant criteria to identify suppliers, taking into account your individual requirements, and our China sourcing experts carry out tenders for your purchasing goods. Based on this, we carry out on-site supplier audits and negotiations for you to ensure the best procurement conditions. Thanks to our in-country consultants in Shanghai and Hong Kong, we remove communication and language barriers so that you can break into the Chinese market. We’re here to help.

Optimising your existing China sourcing activities

Changes in the Chinese procurement market mean that existing China sourcing strategies must be put to the test. Due to rising production costs in China, textiles companies, for example, are faced with the challenge of optimising their existing China sourcing concepts in order to achieve their full savings potential in international procurement. As specialists, we consider what procurement goods are suitable for the Chinese procurement market in terms of total costs, and which can be sourced more cheaply in other global markets. Are you looking to put your China sourcing to the test? We’re here to help.

INVERTO as your China sourcing partner

Through our global sourcing offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, we can implement your strategy and develop your entire operational procurement in China to ensure efficient, secure supply for your company. From demand planning and order management to quality control, we take care of developing your China sourcing.

We use our proximity to the markets and close collaboration with suppliers to keep up with the development of new market trends and technical innovations, and we regularly present you with market and competitive analysis, as well as new products, including all of the information you need.


The results:

  • An optimised supplier portfolio
  • Reduced costs
  • Measurable savings, increasing your profits
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  • Copenhagen
  • London
  • Munich
  • Shanghai
  • Stockholm
  • Vienna

We deliver results.