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Procurement Optimization and Supply Chain Performance Improvement

Our service promise goes beyond short-term savings.

The INVERTO 360° supply intelligence approach integrates all four relevant dimensions of decision-making and is based on a balanced mix of all objectives in procurement and supply chain management.

With our approach we:

  • Reduce costs
  • Mitigate risks
  • Drive innovation & growth
  • Strengthen business relationships


Procurement and supply chain management require a new mindset. This is what we implement in our clients organisation to achieve significant competitive advantages for them.

Even if a company has done well in driving forward cost optimization, it is no longer enough to focus on this aspect alone. Instead of this one dimensional objective, the task now is to increase value for the company.

To achieve this, procurement and supply chain management have to serve as a link between company and suppliers. Strategic cooperation with suppliers takes on an increasingly prominent role, as does its intensified integration in the company’s own value added chains. However, this also means that supply chains become more complex and international; increasing the risks for the company. It’s crucial that this greater complexity is managed properly.

The scope of our procurement and supply chain consulting services depends on the needs of our clients, from reducing procurement and logistics costs to risk management, optimizing processes and procurement outsourcing.


We deliver more than short-term savings. We effectively reduce costs, increase profits, and improve procurement and supply chain performance.

Learn more about our individual procurement and supply chain services.

Global Sourcing

Access to the global supply base through a world-wide sourcing office network to create comparative advantage and/or push localization. Provision of all support from market and supplier identification, sourcing, audit and all supply chain services from sampling to supply.

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Risk Management

The management, control and elimination of procurement risks relating to supply, quality, service, price or compliance through the implementation of sustainable risk-prevention strategies.

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Category Management

The commercial optimization of retail product ranges and offerings in combination with sustainable cost-reduction through strategic sourcing.

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Training & Development

Specialist assessment, training and development of procurement professionals from classroom-based training, leadership and management mentoring, to “on-the-job” coaching.

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The provision of high-performance e-procurement tools; including e-tender and e-auction sourcing tools, supplier and contract management systems, a sourcing calendar and a raw material cost calculator.

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Procurement Outsourcing

Taking responsibility and complete management of the strategic and operational procurement of a customer’s non-core spend.

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Working Capital Reduction

The reduction of working capital by optimizing creditor and debtor management, improving inventory management and liquidity throughout the cash conversion cycle.

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Logistics optimization

The analysis, development and optimization of logistics processes and networks.

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Supplier integration

The systematic integration of strategic suppliers into the supply chain. Implementation of supplier development programmes turning suppliers into value-added partners.

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Process optimization

The analysis, development and optimization of all strategic and operational procurement processes.

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Procurement spend reduction

Full transparency of all expenditure and precise evaluation of the savings potential. Reducing the cost of all bought-in goods and services through the use of all possible commercial and technical means.

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Strategy and Organization

The evaluation, design and development of best-in-class procurement organizations. Driving the procurement function’s added-value in order to position within the overall organization.

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