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MediaShop – optimising a product lifecycle process

In a project with INVERTO, MediaShop created transparency over more than 400 individual process steps and implemented a more efficient product lifecycle process.

MediaShop Holding GmbH is one of the leading teleshopping providers in Europe. Through its head office in Austria and two other locations in Liechtenstein and Hungary, the multichannel retail company distributes innovative teleshopping products in its European core markets (German-speaking countries and Central & Eastern Europe) and is represented through partners worldwide under its own brands.

Initial situation

MediaShop has grown rapidly in recent years, thanks to an extended product range and exponentially rising sales of its key products. This made processing and structural demands on the company more complex. The process – from product concept to marketing – was unclear and lacking in detail. A potential analysis helped to identify the areas to focus on in the implementation phase.


The aim was to gain transparency over the current structure of the process throughout the entire product lifecycle and then, having identified the potential for improvement, to develop a way to make the process more effective and more efficient.

In addition to optimising elements such as job descriptions and responsibilities, a rough version of a tracking tool was to be created, which would become the basis for a software implementation of the new process.


The project was mapped out over four phases:

The current process was set out in the analysis of the prevailing situation, through individual interviews and workshops. This identified current issues and areas for improvement in collaboration with all the relevant stakeholders.

Then, the desired process was designed during the development phase through intensive collaboration between INVERTO and MediaShop, which eliminated unnecessary process loops, redistributed responsibilities and laid out the process clearly, based on an RASCI matrix. All in all, more than 400 process steps over the entire product lifecycle  were uncovered, the framework for a process tracking tool was designed and a department for strategic procurement was considered.

During the validation phase, the newly created target process was refined in individual discussions with the management board and the relevant departments, and subsequently adopted.

For the implementation phase, a project plan was drafted and MediaShop was supported through the implementation. At this stage, INVERTO assumed the role of the Strategic Procurement department on a temporary basis.


Thanks to the project, MediaShop was able to bring transparency to its own process organisation, and its new target process brought greater efficiency. What is more, MediaShop was able to achieve sustained savings by introducing a Strategic Procurement department.

CEO of MediaShop, Katharina Schneider, on working with INVERTO

“Together with INVERTO, MediaShop managed to set up the supply chain and procurement process – efficiently and transparently – across the lifecycle of our products. Our organisation and process environment has evolved and is now more professional as a result.

“At the same time, together we performed procurement activities and then held negotiations on the direct and indirect costs, allowing us to achieve excellent saving results. Following on from this successful project, MediaShop can enjoy more attractive procurement conditions and continue to expand based on a structured process flow.”



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