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Organisation development at Oerlikon

INVERTO implemented a state-of-the-art, category-specific hybrid procurement organisation system at Oerlikon Leybold, in line with the lead buyer approach. To make the roll-out as sustainable as possible, consultants worked together with buyers from Oerlikon sites during the product groups project.

Thanks to this collaborative approach and by pooling requirements as recommended, the working groups quickly achieved considerable savings. This illustrates the tangible benefits delivered by the optimisation project and positively inspired buyers at the sites for the whole duration of the project. The central realignment of procurement was not seen as just top-down restructuring, but rather as genuine added value for the decentralised operating units within the company.

Wolfgang Ehrk, Chief Operating Officer at Oerlikon Leybold, was convinced by the results of the project. “INVERTO has helped us considerably to professionalise procurement at Oerlikon Leybold. With improved organisation and employees being trained and motivated throughout the project, we are ideally placed to meet the requirements of procurement today.”


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