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28.05.13 The Times: Business outsourcing – cost cutting is the new driver

The Times, Raconteur article recently highlighted how outsourcing is now being driven by cost alone and how Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust has saved £1.1 million, with projected savings of £2.3 million for this year by outsourcing their procurement function to INVERTO.

Outsourcing has long been viewed as a way to increase expertise, convenience and capacity but Charles Orton-Jones writing for the The Times suggests that the case for outsourcing is powerful on cost alone. In fact, savings of over 20% are being routinely achieved over in-house models. In calculating the savings made, he argues, a long list of often forgotten items needs to be taken into account. In addition, outsourcing has become an option for more complex areas such as specialist procurement functions and the article features how INVERTO is successfully making procurement savings for Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust by working closely with both suppliers and clinicians.

To view and download The Times Raconteur supplement, ‘It’s the economy, Dummy… saving cash is a matter of fact’ please click here

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