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Magazine issue 4-2015

Cover Story: Planning ahead – working capital management in times of high cash reserves

High cash reserves, cheap loans – small and medium-sized businesses have not been this liquid for a long time. But market environments can change quickly. Using working capital management and controlling, the positive effects of the current market can be leveraged for the long term.

Most medium-sized companies still have high cash reserves and loans cost less than ever before. But what if the markets change? Targeted working capital management and controlling can help to secure the current benefits for the future.

Further content:

  • Structured procurement reviews:
    There is always potential for optimization, even in the best procurement organizations.
  • Marketing efficiency
    Savings potential is not sufficiently exploited
  • The position of retail companies
    Why most businesses are interchangeable and provide no added value for customers



“Without execution there is no strategy” is an often-cited quote, and it holds particularly true in supply chain management. That is why in this edition, we want to focus on the successful implementation of SCM strategies and provide you with interesting case studies and food for thought to set you up for a successful new year of procurement. Firstly, we address the question of how companies can improve their financial strength and solvency through targeted working capital management. The end of the year is a good time to analyse the economic efficiency and process security of procurement. We take a look at how a well thought-out procurement review can result in optimized procurement processes. The marketing department should work with the procurement department more often on procuring services to achieve maximum savings. This was the conclusion of our latest study on the efficiency of marketing services procurement.


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