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14.05.10 – AmChamGermany: The Best Suppliers, the Best Terms, Worldwide

INVERTO is a global management consultancy specializing in all areas of strategic sourcing and supply management. With a focus on getting things done, INVERTO consultants achieve savings and improvements in sourcing for their customers all over the world – including many companies from the food and consumer-goods industries.

Sourcing consultancy INVERTO was founded In 2000 by a group of former consultants and purchasing managers with backgrounds in retail and industry. One of the industry’s leading specialists, the company now has nearly 100 employees located in offices around the world. INVERTO helps companies to locate suppliers and establish profitable supplier partnerships. Its services include managing tenders and e-auctions, optimizing supply prices and terms, restructuring purchasing organizations and processes, and carrying out global sourcing on behalf of clients by leveraging its network of sourcing offices around the world. Companies benefit from INVERTO’s knowledge of sourcing strategies and tools as well as from the consultancy’s e-contor sourcing software platform. INVERTO takes a co-sourcing approach, working with teams of buyers and specialist departments at companies to improve sourcing and supply management.

Customers appreciate our pragmatic, result-driven process, which ties consultancy fees to performance. This approach means that a company using INVERTO’s sourcing services incurs little financial risk but has an excellent opportunity to rapidly and lastingly improve results by optimizing its sourcing processes.

International businesses and sourcing
INVERTO’s sourcing consultants support a large number of multinational companies, including those located in the US. The US is a particularly important procurement market in the food sector, especially for such agricultural products as almonds and orange-juice concentrate. INVERTO sourcing specialists work with companies’ international businesses to optimize local supply arrangements, adapting recommendations to the specific requirements of the domestic market. With offices In China, India, and eastern Europe, INVERTO has a global sourcing network that supports clients in their search for appropriate suppliers. In addition, the consultancy provides support for ongoing supplier management – from quality audits to oversight. INVERTO also has offices in the UK and the Netherlands and an international database that contains more than 100,000 approved suppliers in over 40 countries and from all Industry sectors.

Improved sourcing crucial
Companies in the food and consumer-goods industries experience strong pressure on their margins and face fierce competition. They have to comply with a raft of legislation that applies to the markets where they operate. As a result, companies in these sectors have to pay particular attention to lowering their costs while still obtaining high-quality products. INVERTO consultants draw on their vast experience in the food and consumer-goods sectors to help companies with their production-sourcing, production-materials and capital-equipment needs. In addition, the consultancy’s e-contor sourcing software platform helps food-industry buyers source raw materials. This platform also offers a cost calculator with integrated indices to quickly and easily manage raw-material costs; the tool also automatically provides powerful information to buyers to help their negotiations with suppliers.

Golden opportunities in indirect sourcing
Companies in the food and consumer-goods sectors often underestimate the opportunities presented by indirect or technical sourcing. This includes all goods and services not directly related to production such as transport and storage logistics, marketing, IT and telecommunications. Depending on the company, indirect spend can total more than half of the total spend. Given that food manufacturers spend about 60% of their sales revenue on purchased goods and services, improvements in this area can significantly impact profits.

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