Magazine issue 2-2014

Magazine 2-2014: Retail Trade – How the fifa world cup boosts business.

Flags, BBQs and TVs – major football tournaments send sales of these items soaring. The longer the national team stays in the competition, the better the business in-store. If they drop out early, retailers are left with stock on their hands. This makes planning difficult.

Hundreds of wannabe Rooneys, Robbens and Müllers take to the streets, car horns sound and trumpets blare, TVs go into overdrive… That’s how you know the World Cup has finally kicked off! It also signals high season for retailers who have fine-tuned their balance of merchandise, having learnt from previous tournaments. Nonetheless, there are always some surprises in store – from fake shirts to inclement weather. In this issue you get an retailer’s-eye view of the World Cup.


Further content in this issue:

  • Interview with Urs Meier
    The former FIFA referee talks about difficult decisions, high risks and the courage to make mistakes
  • Brazil – the land of raw materials
    From coffee to ores – the South American country rich in raw materials
  • Category Management 2.0
    How do retailers adapt their range to best suit their customers’ requirements?
  • Switzerland
    Introducing: INVERTO’s new location


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The World Cup is here at last! It’s not only football fans that celebrate this momentous occasion – it also heralds a hefty sales bonanza. We reveal the must-have items fans will want to get their hands on and explore the risks retailers face as they stock up in anticipation. This year, the World Cup is being held in a particularly exciting country from a buyer’s point of view. Brazil immediately conjures up images of coffee, sugar, and bauxite; good grounds to take a closer look at the country, its raw materials, and local business practices there as well.


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