Magazine issue 1-2015: Procurement Transformation

How to turn buyers into value creation partners

Good procurement departments do more than just buying; they play a vital part in improving a company’s performance. So how can a procurement department be developed into a high-performance team?

We take a look at the five most important steps that managers should take to turn their procurement department into high-performance teams.

Further content in this issue:

  • Efficient marketing procurement
    How combining marketing and procurement can get the most out of your budget.
  • The financial difficulties of German and UK hospitals
    Why hospitals are in the red and how the situation can be improved
  • Global Sourcing Index
    A new index for the textile industry that provides all the information needed for global procurement



Procurement is changing. Increasing connectivity and digitalisation mean that companies need to build strategic partnerships and networks which maximise value in order to remain competitive. Procurement must take a leading role. In this edition, we show you how you can turn your procurement department into a value creation partner to consistently increase company value.

The benefits of involving buyers in marketing procurement are clear to see in our case study of Tomorrow Focus AG, where procurement expertise significantly increased the efficiency of sourcing marketing services. Our case study of German and UK hospitals (from page 8) shows that the huge potential for procurement optimization is not being fully exploited and what can be done to improve the financial health of hospitals.


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