Magazine issue 2-2015 – Procurement Management

How does procurement benefit my company? How to measure procurement performance.

How does procurement contribute to a company’s success? Appropriate goal setting and measuring can provide management with transparency on procurement performance.

How can management determine how much procurement contributes to business success? Only appropriate goal setting and measuring enables transparency on performance. INVERTO demonstrates how companies can implement relevant procedures quickly and easily.

Further content in this issue:

  • Free trade between the US and Europe
    What effect does the TTIP free trade agreement have on buyers in Europe?
  • Direct sourcing
    The weak euro is making Asian procurement markets more expensive. Is direct sourcing the answer?
  • Strategic supplier management
    How suppliers can become value creators and innovators for your company



In their day-to-day work, procurement and supply chain managers work with many different stakeholders, from executives in other sectors, reps from partner companies to salespeople at suppliers. This level of interaction makes for fascinating variety but also poses challenges that complicate day-to-day operations. External factors and influences from other sectors can mean that the success of effective procurement is overshadowed or overlooked, at least if procurement objectives are not clearly defined or measured. In this edition, we show you how procurement organisations prepare for these influences and how procurement managers can demonstrate their organisation’s performance far beyond cost savings.


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