Magazine 4-2014: Multi-Channel-Retail

The future of trade – The all channel case for customer

Many retailers now owe their success to their online presence, with lower operating costs and greater flexibility it’s easy to see why online shopping and e-commerce is part of a consumer revolution. Consequently this means traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers have to develop new concepts to offer the ultimate shopping experience.

Retail is becoming digitalized – new tools and ideas are pushing their way into bricks-and-mortar retailers, while more and more sales are made online. Customers’ growing expectations call for new ‘smart’ shopping experiences. Traditional high street shopping is no longer enough; bricksand- mortar retailers have a challenge to face by expanding their existing business models towards the full blown multi-channel experience – the integration of online and offline sales platforms.

Further content in this issue:

  • Raw materials survey
    Reduction of volatility leads buyer to underestimate risks
  • Procurement Management
    Optimised processes in operational procurement boost performance and increase compliance
  • Upraising supply chain performance
    Effective supply chain control using the TOP 10 indicators
  • Car manufacturing in China
    How Qoros plans to close the gap on German manufacturers



The streets were heaving with crowds again over the Christmas period, as everyone went in search for the perfect gifts. But could this once familiar sight turn into a rarity? Pre-wrapped gifts can already be ordered at the touch of a smart phone button and the likes of Google and Amazon are taking it that one step further with the ‘Delivery by Drone’ concept – The retail sector is undoubtedly experiencing a revolution. In this edition, we will take a closer look at the term multi-channel retailing, which aims to strike the balance between online and offline trade. We also focus on different procurement concerns that plague the manufacturing industry – in particular volatile prices of raw materials and supply bottlenecks. In our latest raw materials survey we investigate how well businesses are prepared for such a crisis. We hope you enjoy reading this edition and wish you a good start into the New Year!


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