Cover story: Coaching Series – The new skillset of the modern-day buyer

Nowadays, buyers are constantly facing new challenges. They need to beall-rounders who are able to master all areas of procurement and adapt quickly to changes. What are the most important skills in procurement today, and how can these be fostered?

In our coaching series, we introduce the top 10 most important skills for procurement and how to learn and develop them.

Further content:

  • Procurement: The Digital Transformation
    Procurement 4.0 requires the digitization of the entire supply chain with full supplier integration
  • A Mammoth Task for Supply Chain Management:
    The EU Falsified Medicines Directive safeguards against falsified medicinal products – find out how pharmaceutical companies are mastering its implementation
  • Trendspotting in non-food retail:
    The power of targeted innovation management


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The amount of challenges the buyer faces is ever increasing. It used to be enough to be a specialist in the field, but today buyers have to be all-round talents who are experts in every area of procurement and who can quickly adapt to change.

We have identified the ten most important skills for the modern buyer, and introduce the first five of them in our coaching series, giving you an insight into why they are important and how buyers can develop these skills further.

Increasing digitization is the biggest challenge that buyers currently face, but the digital transformation in procurement is rather slow off the mark. In a study, we found that businesses have a lot of catching up to do to get their processes and systems up to speed for procurement 4.0.

The EU Falsified Medicines Directive made serialization mandatory for the pharmaceutical industry. We take a look at the challenges involved in implementing clear product labelling. Finally, we share the findings from our latest study about the constant quest for innovation in the retail sector.

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