Cover story Industry 4.0: Digitization – expectations and reality

Industry 4.0 has long been a topic of discussion, especially as a theoretical one. But what about in practice? INVERTO has done its homework and discovered that German companies are going digital at different speeds and with different priorities. There is also broad consensus on how these goals can be met, at least in theory.

But what about the reality? In our latest survey, we investigated what specific strategies and projects are currently being pursued by industrial companies in Germany.

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    How to get the best possible target price
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    Interview with decathlon legend Jürgen Hingsen: how training helps to achieve top results
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Digitization is revolutionizing every single industry, company and procurement organization. But what kind of new challenges and tasks do companies face?

The feature post “Industry 4.0 –Expectations and Reality” deals with the question of how well companies are already prepared to work together with customers and suppliers within value-added networks involving various companies. And the “Digitization in hospitals” study looks at which technologies are now being used in German hospitals and which ones we should be making better use of in the future.

Learn how to train your procurement department for the essential disciplines in a new coaching series starting in this edition. We have managed to pin down decathlon legend Jürgen Hingsen for an interview. The Olympic silver medal winner is the perfect role model for our “ten disciplines of successful procurement”.

What’s more, we want to share some best practices for day-to-day business with you. We will explain the “linear performance pricing” procedure to determine target prices and give you some pieces of advice on preparing for contract negotiations with business partners abroad.

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