INVERTO Volatility Manager

Recent and significant market volatility has put additional pressure on procurement functions. Price fluctuations – whether inflation or deflation – are making it increasingly difficult to control the development of product costs. So, how would you like a tool that helps you make forecasts and define realistic procurement targets? A foundation for enhancing your negotiation strategies with suppliers?

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Highlight and manage the impact of market volatility on your complete product portfolio

The INVERTO Volatility Manager (IVM), is an indispensable tool for containing volatility in your bottom-line. It translates macro-economic trends on direct (e.g., raw material) and indirect (e.g., energy) cost factors into product specific cost impacts, considering the geographical footprint of your supply base.

IVM equips your procurement professionals with the ability to analyze and forecast market impacts, based on macroeconomic developments, and then tailor their procurement strategies accordingly. There are comprehensive dashboards, providing insights both on granular level (part number) and holistic level (complete spend) tailored to the needs of category managers, CPOs and CFOs. Just one mouse-click away.


Key Value Propositions of the IVM

Dynamic Cost Analysis

IVM provides a detailed breakdown of procurement costs, distinguishing between volatile and non-volatile components. Understand how energy prices, raw material costs, labor and transport influence your procurement bottom-line, and use that data to maximize leverage towards suppliers.

Market Intelligence & Forecasting

Stay ahead of market trends with IVM’s geo-/ and factor cost specific price data. Whether it’s gaining an understanding of current developments or the evaluation of hedging opportunities – IVM prepares decision making with a robust fact basis.

Strategic Negotiation Preparation

With detailed analytics at your fingertips, enter negotiations knowing exactly where the headwinds and windfalls lie. IVM’s robust methodology and fact-based structure empower you to lead negotiations with confidence and precision.

Portfolio Overview

Gain a comprehensive view of your procurement portfolio. IVM enables you to assess each category and supplier, integrating individual assessments into a broader strategic framework. This top-down view ensures you’re prepared for discussions at the executive level, focusing on where savings can be realized.

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The INVERTO Volatility Manager Tool combines two dimensions

  • Component view: Provides category managers with tactical advantages through facts and insights for individual negotiations
  • Portfolio view: Strategic guidance for CFOs and CEOs with aggregated insights to set steering impulses for the procurement function as a whole


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Why Choose IVM?

Unlock the power of data-driven procurement with the INVERTO Volatility Manager and transform the way you manage your supplier portfolio.

  • Gain a Data & Knowledge Advantage

    Customize data according to your specific products and needs. IVM adapts to your unique organizational context, delivering relevant and actionable insights. Our tool incorporates best-practice methodologies that are industry-tested and proven to work. This ensures not only a tailored approach but also demonstrates what excellence looks like, going beyond simply finding your own solutions to providing a benchmark for success.
  • Negotiation Excellence

    Equip your procurement function with vital leverage in navigating tough markets. IVM provides battle tested methodology and insights to put your team in the driver seat of negotiations.

  • Holistic Integration

    Whether analyzing individual components or the entire portfolio, IVM’s coherent methodology blends detailed insights with overarching strategies. It’s an essential tool for CFOs, CPOs and category managers.



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