How to deal with challenges in Contractor Management

Across technical, commercial and public service sectors, contractors and their performance are essential for maintaining consistent, sustainable and successful operations. Customers and their contractors both face tough challenges in finding and selecting the right partners, defining scope and agreeing terms, ensuring effective execution and performance and finally working out with whom and how to collaborate strategically for longer term benefit.

Remember the shock of Carillion, a major construction and outsourcing company, crashing into liquidation early 2018? Now, barely a year later, yet another major contractor – Interserve didn’t manage to stay afloat.

Today’s reality is that some companies are flying blind in terms of operational risk, are paying more than they should and are putting short-term brownie points above long-term business sense.

Stark reading – but what can companies do quite tangibly to get the best out of contractors?

Get an overview on:

  • Inherent challenges
  • Home-grown hurdles
  • Procurement’s role in effective Contractor Management