Specialist software for strategic sourcing

Efficient sourcing software with powerful features

The e-contor Sourcing Suite with its five modules is an easy-to-operate tool that provides step-by-step support for strategic sourcing in day-to-day business operation.

The e-contor Sourcing Suite significantly increases your procurement efficiency. Decentralised demand information is collected and pooled. The standardisation, partial automation and archiving of contracts, schedules and tenders result in measurable time savings. And there is a further important advantage for you: all buyers will be working to a common standard, ensuring a high degree of transparency. Effective e-sourcing also facilitates the coordination and management of processes in your company.


Developed from practice for practice

e-contor Tender / Auction Manager

With the e-contor Tender / Auction Management feature, buyers can take full advantage of the benefits of e-procurement to assign tenders and auctions. They can enter the necessary specifications into the system, add all participating suppliers and create a bid form. practiceThe selected suppliers can access the system with their unique login credentials and submit their bid electronically. Buyers can then create reports based on price, products/services and quality, which makes it simple and easy to compare the submitted bids.

e-contor Contract Management

e-contor Contract Management ensures
centralised management of all contracts, from contract creation to archiving. With a single click, you can create flexible reports on top suppliers, purchasing volume per buyer or supplier, expiring contracts and more. The contract mask clearly displays all of your contracts and allows special agreements to be retrieved easily. This also applies to all deadlines, which are also provided via email notifications.

e-contor Knowledge Manager

e-contor Knowledge Manager ensures the systematic installation and management of a variety of items to be purchased with the aim of determining the optimal timing for procurement. In addition to general item information, you can also view the respective contractual conditions, information on the current raw material situation and procurement strategy and market conditions ordered by field. Overviews show the optimal procurement time, as well as assigning each item to the product group structure.

e-contor Commodity Calculator

e-contor Commodity Calculator offers you a comprehensive overview of the price changes in individual raw materials over a certain period of time. It provides efficient support for price negotiations, strategic decisions about the product range and planning tenders. Changes in individual raw material costs are stored online in the product passport along with additional parameters such as logistics, packaging and manufacturing costs and are directly linked to the price history of the raw materials contained in the product. An overview of the price changes for individual raw materials within a specific period is available to the buyer at any time. The e-contor Commodity Calculator also allows you to easily calculate the impact of raw materials price fluctuations on the overall product and compare the before and after purchasing volume of the corresponding raw materials-related products.


Customer-specific developments of specialist software solutions

INVERTO software solutions are based on cross-industry consulting experience and combine expertise in purchasing and software. INVERTO tackles the challenges faced today in purchasing and supply chain management by developing software products that are tailored to the individual needs of the customer. Software applications are solutions developed from practice for practice, which support the purchasing process simply and efficiently.

The development process draws on cross- industry expertise. INVERTO’s knowledge of software allows it to swiftly develop innovative modules for purchasing and supply chain management using reliable, state-of-the-art technologies.

The development process is supported by experienced purchasing and supply chain specialists with extensive practical and methodical expertise. Professional project management – from development through to implementation – helps to ensure rapid deployment. Only the highest safety and quality standards are applied, which are continually audited.

Individual software solution of INVERTO offers:

  • Combination of purchasing and software expertise
  • State-of-the-art, secure software technology
  • Innovative, highly-specialised solutions
  • Rapid implementation
  • Easy to use and minimal training required

You can download the e-contor brochure here:

e-contor Sourcing Suite