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What’s your story, Tarun?!

Please introduce yourself and tell us what brought you to INVERTO?

I was born and raised in India. After completing my engineering in computer science studies, I joined a global IT services business in India. 15 years ago, as part of my consultancy assignment, I moved to London to help deliver a digital transformation programme for one of our clients, and then one thing led to the other, and I have found myself living in London ever since!
11 years ago, I did an MBA in the UK to expand my horizons, and after a one-year stint with a strategy consulting firm, I joined an operations consultancy business who specialized in procurement. And that’s where my affair with procurement started!
Last year, I decided to move to INVERTO as I was really impressed with the potential that INVERTO offers to help me expand my knowledge, and to help make an impact for an even wider set of clients.

What do you do at INVERTO?

I work as a senior manager in INVERTO’s UK office. Work involves a mix of client delivery, business development and helping with the overall competency development for our business. Examples of recent client deliveries include COGS improvement for a global luxury fashion brand, and EBITDA improvement for a postal network company. I am also leading INVERTO’s work to enhance our advanced analytics capabilities.


What was the coolest birthday gift you ever received?

When my 2-year-old daughter made a special birthday card for her daddy! Most precious gift of my life!

Do you have any bad habits?

Not exercising regularly! Till last year, I blamed my consulting lifestyle and travel for this. But the last 12 months have proved that it has nothing to do with my traveling lifestyle. I am just lazy!

Who was your personal childhood hero?

I was super gullible as a child (which I suppose is not an exception!) and so I think of all the superhero characters of the 80s- they were all my he- and she-ros! However, as I gained some perspective in life, my choice of heroes has evolved: from fictional to real people. There are several – from different walks of life – the common thread with all of them though is their appetite for standing up for the right cause, no matter the odds!

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