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Thibault Lecat

Thibault Lecat

Managing Director

Thibault Lecat is Managing Director of INVERTO in the UK. He is a graduate of the renowned Ecole d’Ingénieurs en Sciences et Technologies du Numérique in Paris (ESIEA) and holds an MIB degree from the University of Sydney.

Thibault is an expert in the transformation and digitization of procurement. In recent years he has advised a range of global organizations across the Media and Entertainment, Consumer Products and Energy sectors. His focus is on the development and deployment of future-proofed operating models capable of adapting to rapidly changing business environments.

Thibault Lecat is primarily responsible for developing the TMT and Consumer Products sectors at INVERTO UK.


Get insights in his project experience and expertise:

  • End-to-end diagnostic of procurement maturity and alignment with business priorities
  • Operating model design, from conceptual design, through detailed design and implementation of the new model across people, process and systems
  • Procurement turn around, encompassing short- and long-term cost savings, structural changes and deployment of new technology to end users
  • Procurement cost reduction delivery from rapid opportunity assessment through to strategic sourcing and demand management initiatives
  • Ideation, evaluation and prioritisation of digital transformation initiatives (e.g., RPA, Analytics, Chatbots, RFID, etc.


Personal life

 Thibault lives in London with his wife and two daughters. Whenever away from city life, he jumps on any opportunity to take to the skies through motorised paragliding, sky diving and kite surfing.

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