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Cost Optimisation

Responding to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

As well as serious implications for people’s health, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is still having a significant impact on businesses and the world economy. At INVERTO we are working closely with organisations both in the UK and globally to help them prepare and respond.

The impact of the pandemic has triggered immediate P&L impacts on businesses across the world. These impacts can be translated into various effects depending on the industry, ranging from revenue losses and reduced workforce utilisation to bottlenecks in supply chains. Therefore, businesses must develop measures that will impact earnings through cost optimisation by enabling them to emerge stronger and survive in the long term.

Procurement has a substantial hidden potential to reduce costs within your company and plays a central role in targeted value creation. As a procurement consultancy, we identify and unlock your procurement potential and provide you with full support to reduce your procurement costs. This support results in savings, an optimal supplier portfolio, efficient processes, and well-established expertise for your employees regarding strategic and operational purchasing.

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Reduce your procurement costs through supply chain transparency, an optimal supplier portfolio, and our comprehensive procurement consulting approach.

Do you want to find out which concrete cost-saving opportunities exist in your procurement?

What are our Procurement consulting steps?

Performance Check, Benchmarking, potential analysis, spend cube & implementation

Performance Check

The performance check is a standardised approach where we examine your procurement strategies, processes, organization and resources. We use the results to show you areas where there is potential for procurement cost reduction, improvement and what measures can be implemented to unlock it.


Our benchmarking approach compares the collected data to the industry average and the best-in-class values of your competitors. Our many years of consulting experience in diverse industries allow us to provide benchmarks for your entire purchasing organization or selected processes and resources. From this, we calculate the realistic potential for improvement within your company to significantly reduce your procurement costs and improve your procurement performance for the long term.

Opportunity Assessment 

Our opportunity assessment comprises segmenting and analysing the cost of all procurement goods, purchased products, and services according to categories. We analyse all categories as required right down to the item level to unlock all potential procurement savings. We also consider the current procurement and market situation of your categories and procurement goods. As a result, we will provide you with the specific details of what levers are suitable to achieve savings and what cost savings can be realized.

Spend Cube

Creating a spend cube allows us to achieve full transparency in terms of your procurement and indicate where improvements are possible and what measures can be implemented to achieve them. This new overview of suppliers and responsibilities makes procurement processes much faster and allows you to understand better how you can increase your procurement efficiency for the long term.


Our focus on implementation and many years of consulting experience means that we deliver you results. Work with us and get the benefit of our implementation expertise gained from over 2,000 purchasing initiatives.

With our specially developed software e-contor, we carry out tenders and represent you in negotiations. We will support you right up to the implementation of your new processes and/or until you have completed the transition to your new suppliers. The result of our projects is contracted with suppliers, which permanently secure your target savings and optimum quality standards.

If required, our experts are available to train your procurement staff via tailored training and coaching modules. Firstly, we determine your training needs and offer development programmes or individual training sessions to teach technical and methodological knowledge and specific topics.

Procurement Transformation Study

What will be procurement’s purpose and future role in an organization? What impact will it have in the future? How can you shape procurement’s role and performance? Who & what will influence procurement in the years ahead?

Over 185 procurement leaders from different organizations and industries took part in INVERTO’s latest CPO Survey “Procurement Purpose & Impact” to answer these questions. The study seeks to understand how procurement transforms, thereby exploring and effectively mapping the links between procurement’s purpose, its role, capabilities, future ways of working and the impact that procurement delivers.

Our white paper will give insights on the key findings of the survey and will explain what to consider when shaping procurement’s future.


Results of our procurement consulting:

Sustainable, measurable procurement cost reduction – savings on the entire procurement volume, increasing your profits

Optimized procurement processes

Do you want to find out which concrete cost-saving opportunities exist in your procurement?

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    Thibault Lecat

    Managing Director INVERTO UK


    Jonathan Sing

    Senior Project Manager


    What our clients say about us

    Maryne Lemvik, CEO Skanem AS

    „In an interactive sales training with a high degree of practical relevance, our sales staff learned how to approach negotiations like buyers. This change of perspective has decisively changed our sales negotiations. Thanks to INVERTO, our employees now feel better prepared and can draw on professional methods and tactics to achieve better negotiation results - a decisive step in the further development of our sales.“

    Ole Anton Gulsvik, CEO, Seven Seas

    „INVERTO conducted a detailed analysis of our international processes, and by introducing a new strategic approach for our procurement, it achieved substantial efficiency gains.“

    Patrick Juhl, Head of Procurement, Seven Seas

    „As a result of the central procurement organization implemented by INVERTO, as well as the pooling of demands, we were able to make double-digit percentage savings.“

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    Thomas Pfeiffer, Head of Product Development at

    „Together with INVERTO, we have achieved a result that we did not think possible at the beginning of the project. The overall package of tender preparation, service provider workshops and rounds of negotiations at top management level has raised our hosting landscape to a new level of price performance. I thoroughly recommend working with INVERTO.“

    styria logo refernzen

    Dr. Jürgen Wickl, Managing Director of Styria Media IT

    „By preparing a functional specification, we managed to advertise requirements in a tailored way. INVERTO’s orientation towards precise customer requirements and benchmarks as well as professional negotiations has contributed significantly to the success of this project. The close involvement of employees in this structured tender process is an additional bonus, and something which will benefit us in years to come.“

    styria logo referenz

    Siniša Mitrović, mag.oec., Managing director, Styria Tiskara Zagreb

    „Due to the flexibility of the team, we managed to receive additional offers from suppliers and hence increase competition between existing suppliers. Through centralization of our former pick-up locations in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina we managed to reduce the operational work for our employees. Furthermore, this centralization led to a huge additional revenue from our waste paper business. The project work with INVERTO was very professional and made this great result possible.“

    dorc referenz logo

    Marc Lamure, Director, Montagu Private Equity Associates LLP

    „INVERTO has helped D.O.R.C. with the professionalization of the procurement organization and accompanied the supplier negotiations for various products and services. By implementing new processes and working with procurement staff, the achieved savings enhance sustainability and will result in a more profitable organization.“

    chassis brakes inverto referenz

    Erwan Quemener, Purchasing Director, Chassis Brakes International

    „INVERTO helped us in raising undreamed-of sources of savings in both direct material and indirect material areas. They did not only identify these potentials but they supported us in the implementation phase with a great professionalism.“

    Nick Gerrard, CFO, MID Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

    „INVERTO’s market and product knowledge have been invaluable in helping the Trust deliver substantial cost savings in a short space of time. They have the ability to talk the clinicians language, optimise the procurement process and deliver a result the trust could not have achieved itself.“

    Bart Stubbe, Vice President of Purchasing LINPAC Group

    „INVERTO are assisting LINPAC since early 2008 in transitioning from a decentralised to a category purchasing structure, bringing sourcing expertise, skilled resources, technology and methodology to recognise, create and release value to the company.“

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