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The INVERTO ValueFinder: Uncovering potential with advanced analytics

Transparency is one of the essential foundations for efficient cost management and the identification of potential savings. That is why data harmonisation and analysis have always been among the central tasks and competences of the INVERTO consulting team.

With INVERTO ValueFinder, we have digitally enhanced this expertise: With the help of advanced analytics, it is now possible to analyse and visualise large amounts of data – even with several million data points – and complex structures almost in real time. This makes it possible to develop new approaches to cost efficiency even in purchasing organisations with a high degree of maturity, such as in the automotive industry or in retail.

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With the ValueFinder, it is possible to present improvement potentials prioritised by impact in the shortest possible time. Key statements about which measures promise the greatest success are possible within a few days.

More than 180 of our consultants are now trained in the use of the Value Finder. In addition, we have built up our own Data Scientist team. In this unique combination, new applications and innovations emerge with every project. Our internal knowledge management ensures that all users are kept up to date on new solutions and best practices.

How the INVERTO Value Finder works


With the help of the INVERTO, for example, you will be able to:

  • Compare prices, delivery conditions and transaction costs worldwide
  • Track and compare price developments over the years
  • Integrate external data sources, for example to monitor the seasonal price development of listed commodities.
  • Display freight means, volumes and routes
  • Measure KPIs and savings, trends and performance regularly

The knowledge acquired helps to:

  • Prepare price negotiations and determine the ideal time to buy
  • Optimise inventories and reduce logistics costs


Data-driven analysis offers new potential for optimising expenditure and processes – both for direct and indirect requirements. INVERTO is constantly developing new application scenarios for the Value Finder in order to offer customers customised solutions for different industries and challenges.

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