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Three of our consultants report on their work in the Competence Centres.

The wide-ranging expertise that we have accumulated over the course of more than 3,000 initiatives is maintained and constantly developed by our knowledge management. In our Competence Centres, employees can focus on specific industries, functions or demand categories, in addition to project work. These centres structure existing knowledge and develop new topics to further the expertise of INVERTO in relation to special issues.

Robert Pfaff, Project Manager

"At the Competence Centre, we work in a small, specialised team within a friendly, collegial working environment. In the Competence Centre, we exchange our professional views on our project portfolio in the automotive industry, learn new and interesting solutions from colleagues within the industry and also develop professional tools which focus primarily on technical and organisational levers. This is then frequently transferred to practical applications on projects in other sectors.

This means that we can use target costing and other elements from the automotive industry to develop powerful cost reduction levers in other sectors, too. This also gives me the opportunity to visit trade fairs to gather information about the latest market developments and trends."

Simone Hilbring, Project Manager

"In the Competence Centre for Retail Fashion, we primarily deal with analysing sourcing countries in the textile sector (mainly Asia) in order to identify current trends and carry out reviews of procurement conditions. We regularly share these reviews in the form of our Global News Bites newsletter to keep our clients up-to-date with market developments.
In addition, we also work with undergraduate and postgraduate students to carry out studies on current topics in the field of fashion retail. For example, our latest study investigated textile quality labels and their importance within procurement.



Adelina Weißbeck, Project Manager

"I am a member of the Competence Centre for HR/INVERTO Training Centre, which designs training and carries it out with our clients. Each training session is like its own mini project. The training deals with every relevant area of the entire strategic procurement process, from potential analysis and negotiation training to procurement controlling.
The training makes it very easy for people to pass on their knowledge and experience. The ITC also acts as an interface for the other Competence Centres, as we are right in the thick of this exchange of experience. This exchange is especially important in developing our industry and discipline-specific training, particularly in terms of preparing case studies or role play activities."


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