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The INVERTO annual conference. A conference like no other.

The INVERTO annual conference. A conference like no other.

Sebastian Wellmann, Principal at INVERTO’s Cologne office, has already attended seven annual conferences. He tells us what makes the last weekend in September so special and why it creates such great and lasting memories for us. We’ve also spoken to some other colleagues about the conference over the past few days, so we’ll let you know what they thought too.

“No one knows where it’s going to be!”
Absolutely no one.

On the agenda from Friday to Sunday are three days of fun, activities, interesting presentations and a look ahead at what the future holds for INVERTO. The most exciting thing about it is that we don’t find out where the conference is going to be held until just before. People speculate over lunch and make bets in their teams: will it be Milan, Madrid or Copenhagen this year? And the excitement starts to mount outside the office too – at home with my girlfriend, the INVERTO annual conference and its destination are a hot topic of conversation at the breakfast table. Because every year, INVERTO invites its employees’ partners to the conference too. My girlfriend has been to the conference several times and always looks forward to seeing familiar faces and getting together with everyone.

“At the annual conference we get an insight into the future of INVERTO, we have lots of fun and we get to know colleagues working on other projects and at other sites!”
Celia Rocneanu, Project Manager at INVERTO’s Cologne office

All the managers arrive a day early, on the Thursday, to take part in various workshops before the conference begins. They discuss key themes to focus on, possible changes and future plans. The initial results are presented to the whole INVERTO team on Friday. This gives all employees an idea of the path INVERTO is taking as it grows, so that everybody can work towards a common objective in their own individual roles.

“At the World Team Cup, new consultants get the opportunity to show what they can do. It’s a chance for them and their projects to take centre stage.”
Francesca Huneke, Project Manager at INVERTO’s Munich office,
World Team Cup winner 2016

Another item on Friday’s agenda is the INVERTO World Team Cup, which gives new colleagues the chance to introduce the project they are currently working on and to demonstrate their presentation skills. The presenters are selected a few weeks before the conference so that they have plenty of time to prepare with the help of a mentor. The presentations give all the other colleagues an exciting insight into lots of different strategic project approaches and their implementation programmes. The World Team Cup ends with an awards ceremony in which the three strongest presentation teams are selected.

During the presentations and the business side of the conference, our partners enjoy their own programme of activities and have the chance to explore the surrounding area. In the evening, everyone comes together again for dinner. There’s a great atmosphere thanks to the culinary delights and delicious drinks on offer, as well as the entertainment from top acts and DJs. But its the INVERTO colleagues and their partners who really make this the perfect party, and a brilliant way to round off the business side of the conference.

“I love getting together with all my colleagues at the parties and having a chat with them, and often I don’t want to leave – even though I know I’ve got a packed schedule of activities the next day as part of the INVERTO Team Challenge.”
Florian Leeb, Senior Consultant at INVERTO’s Vienna office

Saturday is devoted to the Team Challenge. No matter what the task whether it’s to do with a project or one of the activities at the annual conference INVERTO colleagues are brilliant at working as a team to meet challenges. Sporting activities and tasks requiring a certain level of skill spark our ambition: we spur each other on, because naturally we all want to win the Team Challenge with our group.

The activities include something for every taste, and alternatives to sporting challenges like climbing and rafting are always provided. Sightseeing tours of the city, including puzzles to solve with the help of local residents, are a great chance to get to know the people, culture and traditional customs of the area in a creative way.

In 2015, for example, we explored the oriental souks of the Medina in Marrakech, where we got to identify spices by their smells, try our hand at traditional musical instruments and dances and haggle for precious treasures at the oriental market.

The more physically demanding part of the challenge involved travelling to the Atlas mountains, playing human table football against the other teams, scaling rope bridges into the mountains and whizzing back down over the ravines on a zip wire.

After Saturday’s activities everyone gets together in the evening for dinner and the second INVERTO party, where some people head straight for the dance floor while others take the opportunity to chat with their colleagues. Conversations between colleagues are always an important part of our events. Most years we get two opportunities (the annual conference and the Christmas party) to chat to colleagues from all the different INVERTO offices – from Cologne to Shanghai – about our projects, highlights and challenges, and to enjoy spending time together in a relaxed way.

“Everybody feels part of the INVERTO spirit – we’re all one big team, no matter which project team we’re in or which customer we’re working for.”
Julian Wege, Project Manager at INVERTO’s Cologne office

On Sunday, we round off the annual meeting with a more relaxed programme. We’ve completed all our challenges, and now it’s time to relax after an action-packed weekend. Over the course of the day people start to head home. Full of new insights, with great memories of fun activities and good conversations with colleagues and their partners, we return from the annual conference with new strength for the challenges that lie ahead as we get back to our project work.”

Salzburg, Riga, Dubrovnik, Amsterdam, Marrakech, Luxembourg and Andalusia – Sebastian Wellmann has attended seven annual conferences during his time at INVERTO. This means seven years of project experience and a fantastic career with plenty of promotions to celebrate. Having joined the company as a consultant, he is now a principal with responsibility for his own projects and for managing his teams and their individual work streams.

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Some photos of the annual conference in Marrakech can be found in our Photo Gallery:

Inverto Jahrestagung Marrakesch; Consultants auf Jahrestagung; Beratertagung

Inverto Jahrestagung Marrakesch; Consultants auf Jahrestagung; Beratertagung
Inverto Jahrestagung Marrakesch; Consultants auf Jahrestagung; Beratertagung

Inverto Jahrestagung Marrakesch; Consultants auf Jahrestagung; Beratertagung

Inverto Jahrestagung Marrakesch; Consultants auf Jahrestagung; Beratertagung
Inverto Jahrestagung Marrakesch; Consultants auf Jahrestagung; Beratertagung
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