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Lisa Strobel, Project Manager, talks about her experience at INVERTO

How did you come to join INVERTO?

During my master’s degree in International Business and Economics I already specialized in supply chain management and worked part time in a consultancy, where I could get first insights into the everyday life of a consultant. At the end of my studies I knew I wanted to be a consultant. INVERTO’s specialization in procurement and supply chain management was a perfect fit to the focus of my studies and my professional interest. Another important, although soft factor, was the location Cologne.

Which characteristics and competencies should a consultant at INVERTO have?

In my opinion a structured way of working, flexibility and social competence are important. The responsibilities of a consultant are very diverse, so in order to keep the overview, a good organization of your subprojects is key. Flexibility does not only refer to the variety of projects, but also to the travelling working as a consultant entails and the ever-changing work environment. Furthermore, I believe that having social competence is essential, because you always need to work in a team and communicate with the client.

What are you doing in your current project?

We currently advise the merger of the procurement departments of several clinic groups in a clinic network. The network further grew through the takeover of another group a few months ago. I am responsible for various product groups – from the tender process to the implementation.

What has been your biggest challenge at INVERTO so far?

In the beginning the biggest challenge was to settle into my new role as a consultant. Especially as a recent graduate you need to show self-confidence and competence to the client, since those are often skeptical towards young consultants. An advantage of INVERTO as a specialized consultancy is that you quickly develop expertise in the topics procurement and supply chain management. Therefore, you quickly grow into your role as a consultant.

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