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Principal Philipp Mall tells us about the challenges and successes he faces in his projects

How did you come to join INVERTO and what was it like?

After my degree, I came to INVERTO as an industrial engineer and immediately started work on a project where I was quickly given responsibility for optimising two product groups. This obviously took place in close coordination with my project manager.

How many projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on three projects.

What has been your biggest success at INVERTO (so far)?

In every project, there are often both small and large successes that motivate you. But when you have a difficult initial situation, such as virtually monopolistic supplier markets and a difficult technical starting point, exceeding your goal and making the client happy after months of negotiations and optimisations is extremely satisfying.

Successful projects involving large teams, where we can celebrate together at the end, are also fun.

And what was the biggest challenge?

Large client teams who have locations all over the world, which result in very spread out, decentralised work, are always a challenge in terms of project management. However, through regular exchanges and fixed meetings, where everyone gathers in one place, it is possible to maintain team spirit and make all necessary information available to everyone.

INVERTO GmbH is an international company, but intercultural communication is not always easy. Can you tell us anything exciting about your international projects?

I have had many interesting experiences, including a journey through Eastern Europe, where we worked alongside the client to audit companies over several days. Travel conditions in rural areas were sometimes on the unusual side and the companies ranged from ultramodern to very basic.

I also look back fondly on a project for a global manufacturing company, during which we were able to experience a lot through visits to the production sites and working in international teams, which was also rewarding. Working in a team of Europeans, Asians and Mexicans towards a common goal taught us about intercultural skills.

Do you have children?

Yes, a six-month-old daughter.


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