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Mert Kapsiz, Project Manager at INVERTO UK, reports on his everyday life & the details of his profession

It’s Monday morning and the start of a new project day. How do you start an average week?

A typical Monday morning involves an early start travelling off to the client headquarters. Once I arrive, I briefly catch up on any unread emails and begin establishing a priority list of actions. This usually includes market and data analysis for my key categories and preparing presentations for stakeholder/supplier meetings for the week.

How did you find settling in and the communication with your new colleagues when you joined?

As soon as I started working at INVERTO I felt welcomed and part of the family immediately. Although I am based in the UK office, there are several opportunities to interact with the colleagues from INVERTO’s global offices at the staff events which are always an enjoyable experience.

What did you do in your last project?

My last project, I was tasked with preparing an opportunity analysis for a private sector healthcare client in the UK where I produced a transparent spend data model including key categories, suppliers and recommendations on how to achieve a potential savings target stated in the report.

How international is your role as a consultant at this international consultancy and what is that like for you?

The opportunity to work internationally and broaden my perspective is definitely a plus and is something INVERTO can offer due to its international presence. Apart from my UK project commitments I had the pleasure of supporting a European project for the cost reduction of plastic molding compounds.

What has been your biggest success at INVERTO (so far)?

My greatest achievement at INVERTO would have to be my 1st assignment. Coming from an Aerospace/manufacturing background I had to adapt my skill set to a public sector healthcare environment and achieve cost savings. After the initial learning curve I was able to utilize my skills and exceed cost savings for the clinical and non-clinical categories I was assigned.

And what was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me was to adapt to the consulting lifestyle. Coming from an Industry background, management consulting offers a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment where no two days are the same. Being exposed to various industries and clients, I was tasked with providing solutions to their everyday problems. Initially this was difficult but having knowledgeable colleagues to learn from helped me overcome this barrier and broaden my skills.

Think back to when you joined INVERTO and compare that to your current situation. In hindsight, what has been the biggest surprise?

The biggest surprise for me is that at INVERTO you are tasked with responsibility, ownership and accountability from the start of your career. INVERTO offers consultants the opportunity to truly test and challenge their abilities and achieve real life project results that impact both the success of the client and also the organization.

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