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Senior Project Manager Celia Padziorny provides an insight into her job at INVERTO

It’s Monday morning. What does the start of a typical week look like?

Around 7:00, I’m at the airport in Düsseldorf, ready to fly from there to my project in Nantes, France. There I meet my colleague from London and we travel together to the customer’s site. Once we’ve arrived there, we continue with our work from the previous week. First of all, I sort through my emails and documents, which I haven’t got round to finishing, and I prioritise my to-dos. Together with my colleagues, we discuss the important events we have on this week and how work is progressing on the individual sub-projects. Then everyone gets on with their own work, gets in touch with their respective contacts or prepares for appointments.

How did you find settling in and communicating with your new colleagues when you joined?

Very good. A week before I started as a consultant at INVERTO, I was allowed to fly out for the annual conference in Marrakech. I met many of my colleagues at the conference and through the activities that were organised. On my first day at the Cologne office, I was warmly welcomed and introduced to all of my new colleagues. I was given a laptop and mobile phone, and received an initial induction. A day later I was briefed for my first project, so I could get started at the customer’s site on my third day.

My colleagues were extremely helpful from the start and always on hand with advice and support – from project content to travel expenses, or even trivial things like the name of the nearest printer. It was also great to be able to ask questions at any time and my colleagues always took the time to answer. Soon after, I wasn’t afraid of asking “silly” questions any more – I really felt like colleagues enjoyed passing on their knowledge and helping me find my feet.

What are you doing for your current project?

I am responsible for running various initiatives in the form of the classic co-sourcing procedure. One initiative, for example, is analysing the company’s requirements for temporary workers. In this case, requirements are analysed over a year in order to create transparency, tender documents are prepared and discussed with the customer, the call for tender is issued on that basis, suppliers are contacted, negotiations are prepared for and conducted, and scenario analyses and recommendations for action are set out. On top of this, I oversee two other initiatives.

Have you also been able to take part in training?

Yes, both internal and external training courses at INVERTO have been very helpful for me. Experienced colleagues pass on their technical and company knowledge to younger consultants, which enabled me to understand specific processes very quickly. I find the external training on methodology and soft skills very useful too. The negotiation and presentation training helps me enormously in day-to-day business. Through constructive feedback, I can now better assess how I come across to others and continuously improve my presentation skills.

How international is your role as a consultant at this international consultancy and what is that like for you?

My last two projects were very international. We headed to France, Poland, Turkey, China, India and other countries to carry out interviews as part of a potential analysis for a private equity company. For my current project, I am working in Nantes, France, from Monday to Thursday,  where I am focusing mainly on the French market and drafting calls for tenders in French for my initiatives accordingly. As I work with colleagues from the London office, I am discovering even more ways of working and come across cultural differences more often.

I really appreciate the international aspect of my work a lot, as I get the opportunity to tackle new challenges and problems from a different angle, which means I learn about new approaches and solutions. At the same time, it also helps me to get to know a new culture and be able to better assess my counterpart in future points of contact in terms of their thinking and actions.

What has been your biggest success at INVERTO so far?

I started out as a junior consultant and gained my first experiences during a project in Bad Waldsee. Targeted training gave me the necessary basics and constant collaboration with experienced colleagues allowed me to put what I had learned into practice almost immediately. Thanks to the professional and personal development, I was promoted to senior consultant after just one year. Developing my skills as a consultant in such a short time and being given the opportunity to work on site with a client have been my greatest achievements so far.

If you think back to when you started at INVERTO and then to where you are now, what has been the biggest surprise for you?

I knew that independent work would be required, but I was still surprised by how much responsibility I was given within a very short time. I have overseen my own initiatives and taken responsibility for them right from the outset.

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