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Why is INVERTO the right choice for young professionals?

At INVERTO, good performance is rewarded with swift career advancement. As a young professional, you are right at the beginning of your career – join us, take on more responsibility and climb the career ladder.

Exciting projects

Exciting projects are part of your day-to-day work. Our clients are well-known and well-regarded companies. We work with corporations and market-leading medium-sized companies in both industry and trade. We work across industries, with our clients coming from trade, the consumer goods, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering industries, the health sector and more. We also work with both family-owned businesses and private equity firms. Thanks to this diversity, our projects continue to challenge us in different ways and require innovative and creative solutions in an exciting working environment. For more information about our clients, read our testimonials.

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Focus on implementation

Our strong focus on implementation allows you to deal with the client’s subject matter and industry in detail. At INVERTO, you won’t just be giving recommendations. You will be developing strategies and will know exactly what will become of your idea because you will be implementing it yourself alongside the client. This means that your work is both conceptual and operational – the perfect blend, with a focus on implementation at its heart.

Pronounced corporate culture

Here at INVERTO, your day-to-day work is characterised by a pronounced corporate culture and team mentality. Collegial support, helpfulness and a productive atmosphere are second nature to our employees. This not only is palpable for our staff, it also has an impact on the success of our clients’ projects. This positive corporate culture is nurtured in the truest sense of the word and promoted by our ‘office Fridays’ and regular team and staff events.

Professional and personal support

There is no shortage of professional or personal support here. As a young professional, you will be coached by one of our partners throughout your entire career at INVERTO, with whom you will regularly discuss your personal development. Your professional development is also important to us, so we offer targeted, professional training for young professionals.



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