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Why is INVERTO the right choice for professionals?

A business opportunity

Here at INVERTO, we offer both professional advancement and a business opportunity. As a Project Manager, Senior Project Manager or Principal, you will be an integral part of our management and involved in company decisions. You will also work independently on your projects. The performance and therefore the success of your projects will be rewarded by means of an attractive bonus system. The focus of our expansion is not simply employing more staff, but also retaining them and investing in their personal development. We aim to offer our professionals long-term positions with perspective, which both require and encourage their creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

Focusing on implementation is in our DNA.

This should be of the highest importance for both you and your entrepreneurial approach. Our project teams not only develop a strategy, they work with the client on site to implement identified potential. We have an active, intensive working relationship with our clients in order to generate genuine, sustainable value for them.

Well-known clients

Our clients are well-known and well-regarded companies. We work with corporations and market-leading medium-sized companies in both industry and trade. We work across industries, with our clients coming from trade, the consumer goods, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering industries, the health sector and more. We also work with both family-owned businesses and private equity firms. Thanks to this diversity, our projects continue to challenge us in different ways and require innovative and creative solutions in an exciting working environment. For more information about our clients, read our testimonials.


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