“What’s your story Jaymin?”


Please introduce yourself and tell us what brought you to INVERTO?


My name is Jaymin Patel. I was born in London and grew up in the UK and Germany. My career started early helping with the family business, a plastics processing company, while I was still in school.

As part of my business studies in a small but pretty town in Germany called Oestrich-Winkel, I also had the opportunity to study in Korea and the United States. After graduating, I first wanted to work for a large industrial group and started as program controller with a global automotive supplier, where I developed in-depth knowledge of topics such as cost-value analyses and open-book calculations. I was especially wowed by the various methods used to achieve the best prices from suppliers. I knew that was something I definitely wanted to learn more about and I also wanted to understand the structures and working methods of different companies. After some research, I quickly realized that INVERTO, as a leading consultancy firm in procurement optimization, was the company I was looking for.

Jaymin Patel
Senior Project Manager


What do you do at INVERTO?

I’m a Senior Project Manager and work on projects in the automotive and packaging industries. I particularly enjoy working on international projects (for example, in India). In addition to the day-to-day project work, I develop our consulting approaches as a member of the Industrial Goods & Automotive Competence Center team. I’m currently working on procurement optimization in e-mobility.


Do you have any bad habits?

Being extremely curious, I love spending my vacations discovering new things, which usually means my travel companions don’t get much rest.


Do you have a favorite place?

My absolute favorite city is Sydney. There’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine overlooking the bay, the Harbour Bridge, and the Opera House.


Of course you found your dream job at INVERTO, but if you hadn’t, what would you have done?

I was attracted to business at an early age by helping out in my family’s company. However, there was a time when I dreamed about becoming a pilot. But, since I also travel a lot nowadays, I still have the opportunity to explore new cities and countries.