Magazin 02 : CAPEX - How to reach your goal!

Companies often miss budget and specification deadlines when procuring capital goods. Integrating procurement in planning and organization early on can make it possible to meet these goals, and also, to beat them.

Today, we sometimes get the impression that a new Bermuda Triangle has emerged in business. Generally, though, it is not ships or airplanes that disappear, but cash, capital and other assets. Notable examples are the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, Stuttgart 21, and the Elbe Philharmonic Hall. It is not only major public projects that are affected by the phenomenon of such a remarkable waste of money, time and again, private business has problems with investment projects. This is because, in many companies, particularly mid-sized companies, CAPEX, as opposed to OPEX, is not professionally managed, to the considerable detriment of anticipated profit and operating results.

CAPEX Expenditure Rising Steadily

CAPEX expenditure is many times greater than expected, and is continuing to grow. CAPEX requirements of the 11,000 largest companies in the world rose from USD 1 trillion to 3 trillion from 2002 to 2015. That represents an average increase of 8.7 percent per annum.

Capital-intensive industries, however, are way ahead of these CAPEX investment figures. Electricity suppliers come top of the CAPEX board, with an average of 13 percent of their turnover, closely followed by oil and gas companies, metal production, and mechanical engineering, with an average of 6.3 percent. But CAPEX also represents a significant share in all other industries, and can be essential for success.

The CAPEX Phenomenon

It is striking that OPEX procurement has achieved a high degree of maturity in recent years and is often structured in a very professional way. Expenditure on CAPEX requirements, though, is often only managed superficially in terms of procurement. This may result in companies negotiating intensively for OPEX requirements, while sometimes giving away millions on CAPEX. You could even dare say that the price of every paper clip is haggled over, while the responsibilities of procurement e.g. when determining complex requirements such as buildings, machinery, or IT systems, rarely extend to using total cost of ownership (TCO).

The 5 most important Procurement Levers?

Leading European procurement experts from different industries discussed the topic of CAPEX at the Boston Consulting Group’s annual Procurement Round Table. In a workshop, the most important points for optimizing the procurement of investment requirements were determined based on the experience of these experts

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